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Articles by guest contributors who have a wealth of experience in the publishing industry.

Guest contributor: Erin Nicol

The making of Rhys Darby's book: "The Top Secret Undercover Notes of Buttons McGinty" When Rhys Darby's manuscript landed on my desk, I was blown away by how unique it was. All of the illustrations and words were done by him! It looked like a child's diary entry....

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Guest contributor: Matt Turner

From time to time, when my pager goes off, I swap my editor’s ‘hat’ for a Coastguard cap and jump on a boat. And it strikes me that, if all went well in the world of boating – if engines never broke down, if batteries lasted forever – I would never spend time on the...

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Guest contributor: Sarah Johnson

Some thoughts on publishing your own books In 2015, I set up my own publishing imprint (Flat Bed Press) and published one of my own books. The Bold Ship Phenomenal is a chapter book for junior readers aged 7/8 to 11/12. I published it as both a hard copy and an...

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