Nothing is more exciting than having cartons of your new book delivered to your door. But then what?  

You can contract a professional distribution company, and for a fee they will manage the warehousing and distribution. Their sales reps will include your book in their rounds as they visit bookstores and other outlets, so you can be assured of a nationwide reach.

Alternatively you could sell them from home, via online marketing. Distribution is then simply a case of taking orders, and dispatching your books personally by courier.

First, though, whichever path you choose, you’ll need to prepare book data for distributors, libraries and booksellers, as well as reviewers. It’s a great idea to log your book (at no cost) with Nielsen BookData (www.nielsenbookdata.co.nz), New Zealand’s leading provider of book-related data services. They will make your searchable online meta-data available to all interested parties worldwide.

And before any of that happens, one thing your book will need is a number.

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