Sell yourself! Tips on DIY marketing

Over the years authors have found many creative ways to bring attention to their books, and you can do the same. Some ways are costlier than others; some are essentially free – they simply demand your time. Identify which resources are best for putting your book in front of readers who may be interested.


Marketing ideas that require time

  • Create a blog (you can begin this while you’re still writing your book).
  • Create a Facebook page and connect with groups of people who are interested in the genre you are writing about. Again, this is something you can do while writing your book. (Bear in mind, though, that if you start a page specifically for your book, it’ll require upkeep.)
  • Send notes and thoughts through on Twitter and your social groups to begin discussions.
  • Contribute articles and participate in relevant groups.
  • Begin collecting an email database.
  • Connect with author groups for fresh ideas.
  • Contact your local bookshop and community news groups.
  • Contact your local library. Libraries love supporting local authors and hosting talks/tours.
  • Send out copies for review. (A publicist, if you’re hiring one, can do this for you.)
  • Front up for literary festivals; a public appearance could put you right in front of your target readership!


Marketing ideas that require a spend

  • Enter your book in competitions.
  • Pay for advertising on targeted social media.
  • Buy ad space on industry blogs.
  •  Engage a distributor (see below) with its own marketing team.

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